Seeded Paper Flower Info

Thanks for purchasing a Smile + Wave Swan River Daisy Tshirt

We have added a seeded paper label for all these styles. Which means, when you plant this label, a flower will grow! (hopefully)

Swan River Daisy

1. Peel off the stores price sticker and chuck it in the bin.

2. Soak the label in water until soft.

3. You can plant this is the ground or in a pot. Place the soaked paper on top of a bed of soil. Then cover with about 1cm of some more soil.

4. Give it a drink. Don't drown it though, just a nice gulp to get it going.

5. After that, keep it moist. Make sure the soil doesn't dry out. Place it in a sunny spot.

6. Sprouts should strat to grow within 7-21 days!

7. Enjoy your new Swan River Daisies!