About Us

To be honest, I don't know exactly when Smile + Wave began. Let's say, many years ago.

Hi, I'm Sam, and Smile + Wave is my thing. I'm proud to say this label is a female P.O.C. run fashion label coming out of Narrm (Melbourne) Australia going head to head with so many great brands in a male dominated industry.

The idea originated many moons ago, grabbing inspiration from my Paw Paw (grandma). Paw Paw came to Australia from Hong Kong all on her own with 6 kids back in the day. The strongest lady around I reckon. Without much money, she sewed so many clothes for her kids. She made things, even with all my training, I couldn't imagine making. 

Smile + Wave is powered by the life of my Paw Paw, and inspired by the Chinese culture that I never want to lose. 


Thanks to everyone for your support so far.