Lido Studio Photography

Jeremy Chin, aka Lido Studio Photography is a photographer who grew up on Gadigal Country / Sydney. Jeremy has been part of the Smile + Wave family since day 1, as he just so happens to be my little brother.

Lido Studio Photography originated through Jeremy’s interest in native flora and fauna. As soon as he picked up a camera, he knew he had the eye and patience to capture some of Australia’s most majestic birds and wildlife. And as I found out on our photoshoot, has the strength the carry the heaviest backpack in the world filled with a million different camera's, lenses and flash's, around the bush for hours on end.

If anyone was to question his passion for what he does, just note, that Jeremy has spent 4 hours standing in a tent in the middle of the bush waiting to see a bird. Now if that ain’t love for bird photography, I don’t know what is.

The origins of Lido Studio Photography date back to the 1940’s where our grandfather Peter was a photographer in Hong Kong. He owned his own photography studio, aptly name Lido Studio where he’d process film, touch up photos and sell analog cameras from his shop front. He was the King of the cameras.

Today, Jeremy honours his legacy with his own photos being shown in renowned publications such as Birdlife Australia, ABC and Birds of Australia to name a few. 

For years we have been in awe of Jeremy’s photos. So what better way to exhibit them, but on our Smile + Wave product. We are super excited to be able to bring you a collection showcasing the brilliance of Lido Studio Photography.

Although he'll always be behind me as favourite child in the family, I think he well over takes me in creativity and photography finesse.

Below is a few of our fave Lido Studio Photos. Make sure you follow Jeremy at and check out the rest of his phenomenal snaps.